Are they really safe ?
Are they really safe ?
2013-04-25 15:56:03

 The use of dog kennels has been under debate for a long time. While most dog owners understand the  importance  of using dog kennels when available  space is limited, some uninformed individuals oppose the use  of dog kennels in a fenced yard. They raise questions like " how can you confine a dog in a cage  when he can run about freely inside a fenced yard ?" They do not understand that a kennel is primarily used for the safety fo the dog.

It's in the nature of a dog to explore and it might climb, jump or even dig its way through to escape if that that is its desire. Without  doubt  the outside world is quite  a dangerous  place for any dog, particularly  one that has been trained  to be raised in a home.

There are numerous instances where a chained or tied  up dog has been seriously injured while trying to break free. One also hears about stories where dogs have been poisoned by troublemakers. A dog kennel not only helps to prevent these instances but also prevents the dog from contacting contagious diseases.

However, one has to take  certain precautions while confining the pet in a kennel. A kennel should be such that it protects the dog  from extreme elements like heat, cold or wind . A dog house  or access to indoors should be provide if the pet is to be left  outside for prolonged  periods. Care should  be taken  to proved fresh wter and proper food at all times. The kennel itself  should be comfortable and  of  the right size to suit the dog . There should be enough room for a dog to stand, roll a bit or to lie down. A comfortable dog bed or a blanket  should be placed for the lie down or sit. Make sure that the fiooring is such that it will keep off the cold and heat.

Whille a kennel can be a safe haven  for the pet  you should also  remember to take the dog out to explore more of the outside world and  to give the dog the needed  exercise. They love to run and will greatly appreciate their special time  outside  their  kennels. One should also keep in mind  that a dog kennel can in no way substitute  the love and warmth of a family. Make sure that you and your family  spend some quality time with your pet.