Keeping your Dog Safe on a Hot Day
Keeping your Dog Safe on a Hot Day
2013-03-08 22:27:04

Although the hot weather is great time to spend outside with your friends and family it is also important to remember to make sure your dog is properly looked after and kept hydrated. Although not all places you visit are dog friendly it is important to consider that if u have to leave your dog behind on a sunny day not to leave them in a car with the windows down. 

A dog can die in as little as twenty minutes in a car where temperatures can soar to 40c and it is an act of animal cruelty to let your dog be harmed in this way. To prevent this if it is at all possible do not leave your dog in the car. If you do make sure that there is enough fresh air ventilating throughout the car and your dog has easy access to a large supply of water.

A kennel is one of the best places to put a dog on a hot day, making sure that they are positioned correctly out of the direct path of the sun is a must. can also keep your dog cool in the summer.

The shade they create especially in a good kennel can help to keep your dog cool and therefore happy in conditions ,Let our dog safe through the hot summer.