Kennel stores Dog Kennel
Kennel stores Dog Kennel
2013-02-22 16:45:09

Dog Kennel are a convenient and safety conscious way of transporting your dog. Our soft dog crates ensure that your pet is comfortable during transit, whilst the tough metal frame supports the weight of the dog. Our soft dog crates are designed to be waterproof, so can be used in any weather as well as boasting an easy to clean design.
They are extremely lightweight and perfect for carrying your pet. These kennels come in a variety of sizes so you can choose your kennel to suit the size of your dog, with kennel sizes ranging from Jack Russells to Labradors! Use for taking your dog on holiday, to the vets or when travelling in the car for a secure, hassle free means of transport.

The soft dog crates sold by Kennel store provide washable, removable bedding to keep your pet comfortable on the move. This bedding makes the soft crate a pleasant space for your dog to rest whilst on the move. Materials used are carefully selected to be durable and sturdy, yet hygienic and washable. Inner washable floor panels offer a quick way to freshen up your dog’s crate when not in use and make it easy to clean after use.

These dog crates are available in a foldable design, so you can conveniently fold them and stow them away when not in use. These dog crates offer an incredibly portable style, ideal for your holidays as well as being easy to store at home. Our fabric foldable crates offer the additional feature of pegs to secure the crate to soft ground for added safety. This is useful whilst taking your dog camping or whilst placing your dog on the ground whilst busy with other things.

Our dog kennels come in a variety to match your tastes. The mesh fabric used on the windows and doors of the crate gives the crate an extra strength and durability. Heavy duty zippers prevent the fastenings from breaking in normal wear and tear and are designed to last. The zippers are designed so that your dog cannot open the kennel from the inside, providing owners with extra peace of mind!

Some of our kennel designs come with roll down windows and doors to provide your dog with a feeling of security and comfort. This can be especially useful on a trip to the vets! The kennels are designed with 3 openings for ease of use when dealing with a temperamental pet.

For fastening into a vehicle, they can either be placed in the boot or secured to a car seat with seatbelt straps. This design means that these kennels are very safe for travelling in the car, as they can be fastened very securely to the seat keeping your pet safe, as well as preventing them from getting distressed sliding around in a moving vehicle.

Whether you require a means of transport to the vet or on holiday, visit Kennel store to view our impressive range of dog kennels however large or small your pet.
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