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Outdoor Cable 1000ft CAT5E Lan Cable

Cat5E Lan Cable Product Information:
1. Frequency - 100 MHz
2. Transmission Speed - 1000BASE-TX
3. Available Length - 305M ( 1000ft )
4. Condcutor- 24AWG (1/0.5) (America wire gague), bare copper
5. Cable Construction - Shielded Or Unshielded
6. Jacket- PVC or LSZH or PE
7. Working Temperature: -15℃~+75℃
8. Install - Used indoor, in-wall and in the ceiling
Nowadays, CAT5E Lan Cable are rarely seen on the market. The diameter of Cat5E Cable is 24awg, about 0.5mm. There are many types of Cat5E Patch Cable on the market, including 0.35, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5, 0.51, if the quality of the line is good and can pass the Fluke test, the diameter of the line must reach 0.5MM, and the mark of the sPatch Cable Cat5e line is "CAT5e". "Category 5e" refers to Ethernet Cable Cat5e UTP-Unshielded Twisted Pair and Category 5 shielded twisted pair. Unshielded twisted pair cable is composed of multiple twisted pairs and a plastic sheath. Category five refers to the five different quality levels defined by the International Electrical Industry Association for twisted-pair cables.
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable
Applications: Computers, routers, VoIP phones, IP cameras, printers, gaming consoles, routers, ethernet extenders, switch boxes, PoE, devices, etc
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable