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SSTP CAT5E Solid Network Lan Cable

Cat5E Lan Cable Product Information:
1. Frequency - 100 MHz
2. Transmission Speed - 1000BASE-TX
3. Available Length - 305M ( 1000ft )
4. Condcutor- 24AWG (1/0.5) (America wire gague), bare copper
5. Cable Construction - Shielded Or Unshielded
6. Jacket- PVC or LSZH or PE
7. Working Temperature: -15℃~+75℃
8. Install - Used indoor, in-wall and in the ceiling
Detailed explanation of the specifications and transmission speed of the CAT5E Lan Cable.There are two types of Cat5E Cable, namely Ethernet Cable Cat5e unshielded twisted pair and CAT5e shielded twisted pair. The following describes the characteristics and speed of the two types of CAT5e cable. Category 5e unshielded twisted pair is an important part of Patch Cable Cat5e, which is widely used in daily life. It is composed of multiple twisted pairs made of metal materials and an outer plastic sheath. The metal twisted-pair cable plays the main role in the Cat5e Network Cable, and the outer plastic outer layer plays the main role of protection and prevention of radiation.
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable
Applications: Computers, routers, VoIP phones, IP cameras, printers, gaming consoles, routers, ethernet extenders, switch boxes, PoE, devices, etc
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable