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Unshielded Twisted Pair CAT5E Lan Cable

Cat5E Lan Cable Product Information:
1. Frequency - 100 MHz
2. Transmission Speed - 1000BASE-TX
3. Available Length - 305M ( 1000ft )
4. Condcutor- 24AWG (1/0.5) (America wire gague), bare copper
5. Cable Construction - Shielded Or Unshielded
6. Jacket- PVC or LSZH or PE
7. Working Temperature: -15℃~+75℃
8. Install - Used indoor, in-wall and in the ceiling
Strictly abide by the construction specifications of the Lan Cable trough to ensure a proper cable bending radius. When bypassing other cable ducts up, down, left, and right, the turning slope should be gentle. Pay attention to whether the cover can be covered without stressing the Ethernet Cable after the cables at both ends are sag.The CAT5E Lan Cable twisted pair cable also uses 4 winding pairs and 1 tensile wire. The color of the Cat5E Cable wire pair is exactly the same as the Cat5e Patch Cable pair cable, which are white orange, orange, white green, green, white blue, blue, and white. Brown and brown. The diameter of bare copper wire is 0.51mm (wire gauge is 24AWG), the diameter of insulated wire is 0.92mm, and the diameter of UTP cable is 5mm.
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable
Applications: Computers, routers, VoIP phones, IP cameras, printers, gaming consoles, routers, ethernet extenders, switch boxes, PoE, devices, etc
Shielded Bare Copper CAT5E Twisted Lan Patch Cable